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Morpheus Technologies’
First Jump B.A.S.E. Course

The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls is legal year round and it is a nice place to train first timers. The Perrine Bridge sits 486’ above the Snake River and is the longest span bridge in North America at 1,500’ long. Although the bridge is open to jumping year around, generally we here at Morpheus Technologies schedule our training during the warmer weather months.

The cost for this course is $825 if gear is purchased from us or if you have your own gear and $1050 if gear rental is needed. If you supply your own gear, the gear must be B.A.S.E.-specific and pass Morpheus Technologies’ safety inspection. If you decide to purchase a package from us within 6 months of the course date, you’ll receive $200 off of the package.

The course cost does not include any of your accommodations or travel expenses. We offer a course over the Memorial Day weekend (May) and Labor Day weekend (September) as we are out there for the boogie per say. During the rest of the year, our west coast instructor, Baxter Gillespie, offers personalized courses. We require a 50% deposit upon booking the course and the balance to be paid at least one week in advance of the course. We also require at least a 200 skydive minimum to participate in the course.

Generally, when people show interest in a specific time of year, we set dates and the students work around those dates. The course usually runs from Thursday to Saturday beginning at 9:00 a.m. each morning. If you are considering this course, or any BASE course, please consider investing in a good pair of hiking boots, preferably without quick lacing hooks, a good helmet that allows you peripheral vision and a good set of elbow and knee pads. These things are generally considered essentials in the sport of B.A.S.E.

An overview of the course:
• Introduction to the sport of BASE- jumping (Risks, dangers, etc.)
• Types of jumps and understanding how to choose the right equipment
• Safety
• Protective Gear
• Environmental Considerations
• Site Assessment
• Packing Techniques
• Pilot Chutes (choosing size for a particular jump)
• Ethics
• Body Position
• Canopy Control
• Jump!!!
• Reflect

Due to possible unforeseen circumstances, (weather) we cannot guarantee that you will jump. However, it is our goal for you to put the training and education that you will have accumulated during the course into practice. Hopefully, you will be able to make multiple jumps.

Travel and Accommodations:

You can fly directly into Twin Falls or you can fly into Salt Lake City, UT or Boise, ID and rent a car. Check airline prices for the best deal. There are several hotels right around the bridge and the nightly rate starts at about $45. You can call the 800 numbers for the Comfort Inn, the Holiday Inn and Super 8. These are the most convenient. The Super 8 is the hotel that we prefer as they are kind enough to allow us to take over their fitness room for our ground school and packing. It’s a wonderful reprieve from the heat. The telephone number is (208) 734-5801. Kim is the manager there and she knows us well.


This course is meant to be an introduction to becoming a B.A.S.E-jumper, not a complete BASE Jumping 101 education. You will acquire knowledge and understanding of the many facets of this sport over time. The course is designed as a guideline only to help supplement your safety. It is primarily meant to offer you information that can assist you in making a successful B.A.S.E. jump from this designated object during the training course. B.A.S.E-jumping is an extremely dangerous activity. You must be made aware of the fact that you can be seriously injured or killed! Participation in this sport requires full concentration and understanding of equipment, technique, theory and limitations.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Morpheus Technologies
(813) 780-8961

About the Instructors:

Robert Jones

  • Owner of Morpheus Technologies.
  • Chief designer and manufacturer of all Morpheus gear.
  • Robert has been BASE jumping since 1992 and skydiving since 1991.
  • Master Rigger.
  • Highly experienced BASE jumper and Wingsuit BASE jumper.
  • Has trained numerous BASE jumpers.

Kathy Gillespie-Jones

  • Owner of Morpheus Technologies.
  • Kathy has been BASE jumping since 1995 and skydiving since 1992.
  • Senior Rigger.
  • Highly experienced BASE Jumper.
  • Has trained numerous jumpers over the last 8 years.

Baxter Gillespie

  • In June Summited Everest.
  • Baxter is a highly experienced BASE Jumper and wingsuit BASE jumper.
  • Phoenix-Fly Instructor Examiner.
  • Has jumped all around the world including Petronas Building (Malaysia) Eiger (Switzerland), Norway, Italy and all across the US.
  • A Previous Morpheus Technologies BASE student.
  • Contact Baxter here:


Past Students and Their Comments

Name: Rob Morrissey
Location: Oz
Gear: Gargoyle
First Jump Course: June 2009
Course Comments : To all those who are looking to get into base jumping ,talk to the crew from Morpheus ,as they are not only extremely experienced but very down to earth people and more than happy to answer any questions no matter how stupid they may sound.  Better to ask than not and end up broken. The course was amazing. I didn't think it was possible to learn as much as we did in such a short time but that’s what you get with bad ass Baxter as your mentor, Molly, his better half taking all the footage for debriefing and Skyla as the test dummy. You guys rock.
I have one good tip for all who are going ahead with the course. LEARN TO PACK BEFORE YOU GO! This will increase your jump numbers and not have those who know how to pack waiting for you. Do it, you'll have a blast, as we all did and make some friends for life too.

See you all next year and thanks again for everything Kathy and all the crew at Morpheus.
Your good friend,
 Crazy Robz

P.S Our rigs look sick. More than happy!
      Stay safe and keep smiling.

Name: Graeme
Age: 28
Location: UK
Gear: Gargoyle, Troll 265 MDV
First Jump Course: May, 2004
BASE#: 1029
Jumps: 10
Best moment:Best moment so far : sounds cheesy but every time you launch yourself is special Coolest visual , hard to say , first time i saw the bridge , first time i looked down from over the railing ... Looking forward to continuing jumping in the UK , Getting introduced to big walls , the heli-boogie , completing BASE , so many things
Name: Gary
Age: 32
Location: UK
Gear: Gargoyle, Troll 265 MDV
First Jump Course: May, 2004
BASE#: 1029
Jumps: 95
Objects: 31
Coolest visuals: Seven second delay antenna jump, watching the lights fly past.
Best moment: Extreme stealth mission jump from an iconic object I watched being built in my childhood....
Worse moment: Low puller slot on a three way in Switzerland, awarded with line twists and 180 off heading over the trees.
Name: Wayne
Age: 26
Location: UK
Gear: Gargoyle, Troll 265 MDV
FJC: 03/09/2004
Jumps: 75
Objects: 11
Countries: 5
Best Moment: Getting introduced to Big Walls ?
Worst Moment: Touch wood, none yet
Name: Al
Nickname: Airdog
Age: 46
Location: Huntington Beach, CA USA.
Gear: Gargoyle,Troll 265 MDV
First Jump Course: May 23 2002
Jumps: 92
Objects: 06
Best moment: First jump in Norway
Worst moment: Low turn at ID bridge (thank god I hit the water, I
know I was low but I made the turn any way )


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